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Welcome to H.U.M.A.N.S. Institute.

Whether you are in pain, sick or simply want to improve the way you move, we can help. Our objective is to educate and inspire you about your body; how to trigger it’s innate capacity to heal, how to look after it and how to upgrade the way it works.

Every session, whether is is a 1 to 1 healing/training session, a class, seminar or one of our workshops is fully explained, demonstrated and practiced on you. This is an opportunity for you to educate yourself about the peculiarities of your own body and take simple steps to make it work better.

  • H – holistic: the whole body is taken into consideration, sometimes a slightly misaligned toe can be the root of your chronic shoulder problem
  • U – universal: the methods can be used with most people to achieve outstanding results, as long as they are human 🙂
  • M – methodologies: there is a hidden structure and a rhythm to your body and a solution exists for all questions contained within it. If you apply the theory with the right combination of actions you can unlock the solution you need

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  • A – advancement: each time we interact with our body in a meaningful way we learn something new. You are encouraged to make use of this information to make continual improvements to yourself
  • N – natural: we use no drugs, no needles and no herbs. Everything we work with already exists inside you. Human energy manifests in 3 systems; Bio-electrical, Bio-chemical and Bio-mechanical. We adjust these systems accordingly to restore harmony within your body and promote health
  • S – sciences: Your experience will awaken you from a certain ignorance of your body’s hidden depths into a systemised understanding of its general truths.


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