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About H.U.M.A.N.S. Institute

What We Do

Life in the 21st century is chaotic. With smartphones and apps, work and social life, we never seem to find enough time to look after ourselves. When illness and injury come our way, they are like email spam, disrupting the flow of important tasks and sometimes causing things to grind to a halt. Let H.U.M.A.N.S. Institute show you how to delete pain and illness from the inbox of your life with simple stuff you can get done yourself in about 15 minutes a day.

The classes, seminar-workshops and healing-therapy sessions are based on the traditional Chinese health promotion methods of TaiJiQuan and QiGong.

The idea behind these Daoist Medicine techniques is to kill the monster of sickness and injury whilst it’s tiny. This is done by providing your body with all the tools and sensory data it needs to fight off potential problems. However, as a last resort these methods have also shown to be exceptional in resolving chronic conditions like back pain, shoulder pain and illness where other more common methods have failed.

Typically there is measurable improvement in: joint function, aesthetics, oxygen uptake, ability to relax, immune system, organ health and life expectancy. The weird thing is, this happens while you’re having fun getting to know yourself better.

How We Do It

Whether you are in pain, sick or simply want to improve the way you move, we can help. Our objective is to educate and inspire you about your body; how to trigger it’s innate capacity to heal, how to look after it and how to improve the way it works.

Every session is fully explained, demonstrated and practiced on you, whether is is a 1 to 1 healing/training session, a class, seminar or one of our workshops. This is an opportunity for your understanding about the peculiarities of your own body to blossom and for you to take simple steps to make it work better.



What’s in a Name?

Our name, ‘H.U.M.A.N.S. Institute’, is represented by hexagrams and chinese pictograph characters. Hexagrams come from the classic Daoist system called the I-Ching, which was first prepared in text form before 1000BCE. The I-Ching is fundamentally a method of understanding natural change. The work was described by modern scholars such as Wolfgang Pauli the Nobel Laureate physicist and C.G. Jung the psychoanalyst as the “synchronistic concept of the universe”. This means that all things happening at a certain time have characteristic features which can be identified as causes and effects.

The Hexagrams

Hexagram 62 – Hsiao Kuo: Small crossings of the flying bird.

H is for holistic: the whole body is taken into consideration, sometimes paying attention to the smallest things, like a slightly misaligned toe can be the root of a big problem like your chronic shoulder pain. The smallest details, followed step by step, like unravelling a mystery story can lead to the biggest solutions, whilst ignoring them can lead to bigger problems. This is like the small bird taking many short flights to reach destinations great distances away.


Hexagram 19 – Lin: Nearing or releasing the spirit.

U is for universal: the methods can be used with most people to achieve outstanding results, as long as they are willing to accept and work at new ways of doing things, closer to their own personal truth.  Its also important let go of the old habits that caused the problem, in order to become whole again :).

This is like becoming great by understanding that all things change and one must adapt.

Hexagram 45 – Cui: Gathering together for great works


M is for methodologies: there is a hidden structure and a rhythm to your body and a solution exists for all questions contained within it. If you collect the small answers together and assemble them with the right combination of actions you can unlock the bigger solution you are looking for; the happy union of all the parts of your body, your mind and your spirit.

This is like the ruler who gathers all his people to build a great monument.

Hexagram 52 – Kan: Calm and still  

A is for advancement: each time we interact with our body in a meaningful way we come to the boundaries of our knowledge and learn something new about ourselves. You are encouraged to take the time to make use of this information, to make continual improvements and to express yourself as an individual. We can show you the way, but there is no “one size fits all” ongoing solution that can be delivered by anyone else but you.

This is like the mountain which rises from a place of great stillness and stability but can hinder the progress of travellers, who must contemplate the best path to take.

Hexagram 20 – Guan: Viewing

N is for natural: we use no drugs, no needles and no herbs. Everything we work with already exists inside you. Outside the sessions, keep an open mind, observe yourself in everyday life (known as mindfulness) and you will begin to discover the hidden signs that allow you to take action and gain control over your body.

Human energy manifests in 3 systems; Bio-electrical, Bio-chemical and Bio-mechanical. We adjust these systems accordingly to restore harmony within your body and improve your health.

This is like the astronomer setting up his observatory on the highest place to watch for changes in the movement of the stars.

The Characters

Chinese Character – Gong or Bow: Refers to bending a bow or bending the spine. This S shaped character is actually a picture of a compressed human spine


S is for sciences: Your experience will awaken you from a certain ignorance of your body’s hidden depths into a systemised understanding of its general truths.



Chinese Radical Character 2 – Gun: refers to a vertical line or pole, like an extended spine…

I is for institute: at HUMANS institute we supply you with the education and instruction to establish a knowledge base from which you may set in motion the exploration of your body, mind and spirit. With these tools you can begin to intentionally unlock your true potential.



Together, the characters “gong” and “guan” create “yin”. Yin means to draw like drawing a bow. It also means to reach, to stretch, to lead, to lengthen or to guide.






DaoYin (the method of leading and reaching) is one of the key principles we use to adjust the muscle tension relationships and create balance in the body.

We look forward to guiding you towards find new ways to achieve balance and harmony in your body and in your life. Get started by reserving your session today.